About Mr. Don

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NYC Professional Photographer Mr. Don Pittman is known in the Photography Industry as “Mr. Don”

Mr. Don was born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y. He started his journey as a hair stylist straight out of Sarah J. Hale High School. Spending most of his professional career as a Master HAIR STYLIST, Mr. Don traveled the world as a Platform Artist/ Educator teaching Hair cutting, and Hair Styling Techniques. As a Master stylist he displayed his talent on several media circuits, Styling hair for music videos, On and off Broadway shows, Movies, Spike Lee’s Malcolm X , Woman Do It Better, and several private independent films.

Mr. Don’s talents have been showcased in virtually every major hair magazine, including Passion, Sophisticate’s Black Hair, Hype Hair, and Shop Talk Salon Digest, establishing him as a leading figure in the hair styling industry. His journey took a creative turn when he developed a keen interest in photography, leading him to study at the International School of Photography. Specializing in capturing the essence of beauty, Mr. Don’s transition into photography was seamless, thanks to his deep understanding of aesthetics from his hair styling days.

Encountering frequent challenges in finding makeup artists for his shoots, Mr. Don expanded his skill set by taking makeup lessons at Mark Trainer Beauty Academy. This versatility earned him the nickname “Triple Threat” within the hair, makeup, and photography industries. Today, Mr. Don Pittman is a celebrated freelance hair and beauty photographer, whose work is regularly featured in national and international magazines like Sophisticate’s Black Hair and Midwest Beauty.

Mr. Don’s commitment to his crafts goes beyond the lens; he is a visionary who believes, “Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder… But through the eye of the Lens.” His work continues to inspire and captivate, making him a sought-after professional for hairstylists, makeup artists, and models. Visit www.MrDonPhotos.com to explore the world through Mr. Don’s eye, where beauty is immortalized one click at a time.

Contact Don Pittman (917) 282-4331